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posted 25 Aug 2013, 05:18 by James Madden   [ updated 11 Sept 2019, 11:02 ]

Sat Nam Dear Yoginis & Yogis,

Autumn 2019 Schedule

There will be no Kundalini Yoga classes from 11.9.19 until Sunday 22.9.19.

A new 8 week course of classes will start on Sunday 22.9.19. There will be a classes on Sunday mornings 11.00 to 12.30pm and on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7.30 to 9.00pm. This course will focus on the chakras. Each week we will practice a particular Kriya and Meditation for each chakra.

You can buy as many classes as you are able to attend over the 8 week period.

There will be no classes on Sundays or Mondays of Bank Holiday weekends. 


You are free to join these classes whenever you wish. 

All the classes are taught by James Madden (Nam Sangat Singh).

You are invited to just drop in and check out Kundalini Yoga whenever you wish subject to space being available. There will  be 3 classes per week for you to choose from after 22.9.19. 

Classes will be on Sunday mornings 11.00am and Monday and Tuesday evenings each week at 7.30pm. Times of classes are available on the side panel to the left of this page.

The classes are small, maximum 7 students, and so they are particularly suitable for Beginners, because lots of individual attention can be given to each practitioner.

Space is limited so, to avoid disappointment, you are invited to book your space by email or text asap. Because numbers are small, you will receive more individual attention than is available in larger classes.

Yoga means "union". It is the experience of Infinity in our own finite form. Kundalini Yoga offers us the discipline through which our self can experience our Self. You are welcome to drop in anytime subject to space being available. The classes are independent of each other so you can start whenever best suits you.


Also, if you are interested in having a Sat Nam Rasayan healing or a Jyorei healing please contact Nam Sangat Singh aka James Madden on

If you would like to study to become a Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner please contact Har Kirat Kaur at 

Sat Nam Rasayan is a meditative technique that is a precise way of healing. To practice Sat Nam Rasayan is to enrich all areas of your life.


When you practice Sat Nam Rasayan or have a healing you usually reach a deep state of silence. While this is a beautiful experience, it is but the beginning. As you go deeper in the practice you are not only learning a sophisticated tool to help someone else, you are also developing your own consciousness.  

Please note it is a good idea to always wear a head covering when practicing Kundalini Yoga. Accordingly, I suggest that you, if possible, wear a head covering when attending class.

Jyorei Healing is also available by request.

Infinite Blessings to you.


Cherdi Kala.

Nam Sangat Singh