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Questions Answered by Yogi Bhajan

posted 24 Aug 2009, 20:00 by James Madden   [ updated 9 Sept 2012, 06:30 by James Madden ]

Yogi Bhajan Answers Questions on the Sensory Human in the Aquarian Age

During his classes, Yogi Bhajan often opened the class for questions from his students. Here are a few questions and answers about the Sensory Human.


Question: How will being a Sensory Human affect personal relationships?

Answer: When Sensory Human beings get together the attraction is timeless, limitless, and forever.  Nothing else can come between them.


Question: I am a beginner in Kundalini Yoga and I definitely want to be a Sensory Human. Where do I start?

Answer: Start each day consciously breathing and developing a one-minute breath[1].


Question: You have said that the emotions are the sensory system of the soul. Could you explain how we can use our emotions as the communication system of our soul and not as trauma inducers?

Answer: When emotions guide us they serve us; when we are ruled by them, they destroy us. Develop your sixth sense in meditation by concentrating at the tip of the nose with the eyes one-tenth open. It will all come to you automatically.


Question: What is the difference between going beyond the five senses as a Sensory Human and raising the kundalini?

Answer: The entire power of the human is its connection to the Universe through the psyche and the sixth sense. This is the basic point from where the Kundalini rises.


Question: I have been celibate for several years but am now in a very intimate relationship.  Is it possible that being in a sexual relationship will help raise the kundalini and I will become a Sensory Human?

Answer: Kundalini Yoga is one yoga that is for householders, so it does not require celibacy. But you have to have a legitimate, productive relationship free of guilt, and with sincerity.

 © The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Previously published in Aquarian Times, Spring 2003


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