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Sat Nam Rasayan

In Sanskrit, Sat Nam Rasayan means "deep relaxation in the Divine Name" or "abandoning oneself to the essence of the True Identity". Sat Nam Rasayan is an ancient healing art that uses only awareness to heal. The purpose of Sat Nam Rasayan is to serve humanity. The origins of this ancient healing technique, which has been passed down in silence for centuries from master to disciple, are unknown.

Sat Nam Rasayan is based on the same principles as Kundalini Yoga. Sat Nam Rasayan works on a subtle level through the projective meditative mind. Sat Nam Rasayan allows the healer to access and balance the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) and the pranic body. It is as if those who are healed by Sat Nam Rasayan enter into a yogic process. The healer brings about an altered state of consciousness to balance a function or eliminate those conditions that cause things to be out of balance. It is a natural flow. To be healed by Sat Nam Rasayan, patients need have no experience of yoga or meditation. 

Sat Nam Rasayan is a completely natural process. The healer simply takes away the resistances that stand in the way of the person, undergoing the healing, being free. 

Sat Nam Rasayan is a meditative technique. It is a type of healing that is very precise. It is the art of healing by means of that function of the meditative mind known as the projected meditative mind. Sat Nam Rasayan allows those being healed by it to experience this meditative state of the mind. This in turn enables the person being healed to increase their capacity to contain what happens.

To have a Sat Nam Rasayan healing the patient normally lies on the floor, fully clothed, on a comfortable surface such a sheepskin or blankets and is covered by blankets to keep them comfortable. If someone has difficulty either getting down on the floor or getting back up we can offer arrangements to deal with this. Everything possible is done to create a relaxing environment for the patient. The patient only has to lie there, they have nothing to do. The Sat Nam Rasayan healer will normally touch the patient lightly on the arm with two fingers. Both the healer and the patient will be silent during the healing process. Treatments typically take about 40 minutes. Patients may, if they wish, tell the healer their symptoms/story etc before a healing begins but this is not necessary in this form of healing. Patients normally feel deeply relaxed after a treatment.

Nam Sangat Singh offers Sat Nam Rasayan healings. Please call 00353(0)868193075 with any queries you may have or to arrange an appointment or you can contact me by emailing namsangats@gmail.com.

"Sat Nam Rasayan is a very sophisticated Healing Art and, for those new to meditation, a very
exciting journey in consciousness. It is an opportunity to experience deep relaxation and inner
stillness." Har Kirat Kaur

" In stillness lies the sound, which is the creative existence of God.

Whoever masters the stillness and the silence and can read it,

gets all the knowledge that exists." Yogi Bhajan


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